I've always been into art and consider myself 100% right-brained. (looking at you, mathematics!) Being creative sets my soul on fire! Photography allows me to tell a story without having to write. Your story + my art = memories that last a lifetime. (My kind of math!) Let's create together!

I adore colorful, bright, dreamy images. Details are my jam! But my favorite is creating a connection between couples.  I want you to feel like you did the first time you met, the first time you said 'I love you', and when you decided you wanted to be together forever.

celebrating YOUR LOVE STORY

Let's talk about you & me

I'M Laura! wisconsinite, wife & mama, target store addict

hey, you!

Most days, you can find me at home making memories with my 3 little girls or shopping at the nearest Target (seriously, it's my second home)! I have a slight obsession with ice cream/gelato/froyo.  I love fun, laidback adventures and trying new things!

Hubs (Matt) & I married in 2012 in Mexico. We created twin girls, Adelaine & Isla born in 2014, and another little gem, Evelyn, in 2016. Oh, and a little fur baby who we call Joey.

My roots are planted in the Two Rivers/Manitowoc area and blooming in an even smaller town - Denmark. Which is funny, because I'm a city girl through and through and absolutely love Milwaukee and Madison vibes.

I love to travel, but Wisconsin has my heart. I love the seasons, the people, and the endless farm fields. And of course - beer, brats, & cheese.

In another life, I picture myself living in Hawaii, traveling in a VW Westfalia, chasing waterfalls, honing in on my surfing skills and eating copious amount of Kona coffee ice cream. Picking up other hippies and stray kitties along the way. #goals