Boudoir in a Hotel Room

I love shooting in my studio, but it’s always a blast to shoot in a hotel. They’re small and they can be a little cluttered or have ugly bedding, and they force us to get creative, which I adore.
This incredible woman has completely changed her life in the last few years; she’s lost an amazing amount of weight, changed her diet completely, and recently became a yoga teacher. She has a daughter who is precocious and adorable, and she’s a centerpiece of her social group. This wasn’t her first boudoir shoot, and I really don’t think it’ll be her last. She’s confident in her skin and there’s nothing sexier than that.

Boudoir shoot in a hotel

Boudoir closeups in a hotel

Boudoir shoot in a hotel

Boudoir shoot in a hotel

Annabelle’s Glamour Session

Annabelle has been working in the modeling industry around the Portland metro for seven years, and I love working with models, but she’s also a mother, and I love working with moms even more. Moms are so busy, and always giving to other people, and if I can give them a couple hours where they’re the center of attention, then deliver images that remind them of how beautiful they are even though they don’t feel it, I feel like I’ve done my job.
As a mother, she isn’t super comfortable with where her body is (who is?!) and didn’t want to do any lingerie. So this shoot turned into more of a glamour shoot than traditional boudoir, and I’m fine with that! The end result is the same: feeling gorgeous and confident.

After she got her images, here’s what she had to say:

“Laura made me feel comfortable in my own skin, I have been modeling for years and my experience with her has made me remember why I began modeling. Her work shows just how talented she truly is, and working with her you will get to see and feel first hand how wonderful of a person she is.

Before working with Laura, I have battled self confidence issues after I had my daughter 5 months ago and looking at the amazing images from our session you would not know that. Thank you so much Laura for working with me and helping me gain confidence in my own skin.”

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Quick Tip: Lingerie for fuller figures

Ladies who aren’t a size 2 can easily feel insecure in their bodies (heck, even us size 2s feel pretty insecure sometimes!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear lingerie. It just means that you get to wear fancier lingerie!


Corsets, basques, garters, tights, robes; all of these can be great camoflauge for the things you don’t totally love about your body while still showing off all the parts you think are fantastic.


Plus, they’re sexy as all get out.

Miss C: Sweet is Sexy

I’m only sharing a few images from Miss C’s shoot, because she wanted to keep the rest between her and her boyfriend, but I’m glad she let me share these! Her shoot was so much fun. She’s a friend of a friend of a friend who got referred to me after they’d all had shoots with me, but by the time she left it felt like we were best friends. She’s incredibly sweet, and that definitely shows in the finished product.

Miss C Boudoir

Miss C Boudoir

Miss C Boudoir

Miss C Boudoir

Miss C Boudoir

Miss C’s version of “boudoir”

I talked a little on my facebook the other day about what boudoir means. To a lot of photographers, it means specifically “women in lingerie in a bedroom.” To me, it’s so much more: it’s women being confident, and gorgeous, and embracing their bodies, whether that be in lingerie or a floor-length dress. A mentor of mine added that it’s “sensual but not sleazy, sexy but not sexual,” and that felt right to me. I’ve started to shy away from saying “I’m a boudoir photographer” and started telling people, “I photograph women.” It’s not all about lace and silk and bedsheets and sex. Sometimes, it’s just about allowing yourself to feel beautiful and confident, full stop.

For Miss C, that’s what we did. She’s frequently in sweats, she never wears makeup, she rarely does more to her hair than put it in a ponytail. And even in the photos we did, she’s still wearing an oversized sweater, but we tried to take it from being about comfort and turn it into something about confidence. I had a lot of fun, and I think it was surprisingly empowering for her!

Miss C

Miss C

Textbook boudoir or not, I loved working with her and creating her version of confident and gorgeous.