A Girl’s Night Out

This is one of my favorite boudoir shoots to date. Three best friends rented a hotel room for the day, had a couple martinis together, and told each other how great they all looked. After we were done, we all went out and got mexican together. It was an altogether perfect afternoon. I love when ladies are such great friends they want to hang out with each other in their underwear.

Girls Night Out

girls night 2

A good old-fashioned portrait session

I have a best friend here in Portland, and I spent the first several months of our friendship trying to get her to come into the studio and shoot with me. She loves the idea of what I do and agrees that it’s important work, but remained convinced that it just wasn’t quite right for her. Finally we compromised: she came into the studio, but she got to keep her clothes on.

Good enough for me!

mariah 1

mariah 2

I remain convinced that boudoir is less about the clothes (or lack thereof) and more about the mindset and the feeling. At the end of this shoot, she went home with the same feeling that any of my other clients have: the realization that she is beautiful, that she can have incredible photographs, and that actually, she does think who she is is a pretty amazing woman.

mariah 3

mariah 4

It’s all about that realization. Who you are is beautiful. Own it. Love it. Enjoy it. Embrace it.

mariah 5

Tasteful and timeless with Laura

laura 1

Shooting with Laura was such an incredible pleasure. She models a lot around Portland, and she’s even been on tv a few times! She was a total pro in front of the camera, but I still feel like we ended up pushing her boundaries and showing her a new side of herself.

laura 2

laura 3

What’s incredible to me is that she is considered by many in the modeling community to be plus sized. Let’s be real: she’s just gorgeous, whatever label they put on it.

laura 4

laura 5

laura 6

From one Laura to another: thank you so much for coming in, I loved working with you. I hope I get to see you on the silver screen someday!

Sweet to Sexy with Miss K

Miss K is one of the cutest ladies I have had the pleasure to work with. And her eyebrows are amazing!

Kylie 1

Kylie 2

Kylie 3

She almost seemed surprised to find herself feeling attractive and beautiful!

kylie 4

kylie 5

And then she pulled out the real sexy… and man did she nail it.

kylie 6

You are a gorgeous woman, Miss K! Thanks for letting me help you find that within yourself. Keep feeling beautiful, inside and out!

Boudoir in a Hotel Room

I love shooting in my studio, but it’s always a blast to shoot in a hotel. They’re small and they can be a little cluttered or have ugly bedding, and they force us to get creative, which I adore.
This incredible woman has completely changed her life in the last few years; she’s lost an amazing amount of weight, changed her diet completely, and recently became a yoga teacher. She has a daughter who is precocious and adorable, and she’s a centerpiece of her social group. This wasn’t her first boudoir shoot, and I really don’t think it’ll be her last. She’s confident in her skin and there’s nothing sexier than that.

Boudoir shoot in a hotel

Boudoir closeups in a hotel

Boudoir shoot in a hotel

Boudoir shoot in a hotel